ABOVE ALL, we are committed to do things
really well.



We are dedicated to the design, engineering, manufacturing and service of motion control systems via pressurized fluids.

We design and manufacture valves to be interconnected within manifold blocks for various process control systems, including: pneumatic or hydraulic systems from 2bar to 700 bar. We serve the oil and gas, shipbuilding, mining and general industry.

Sistcon was founded in 2003, although its management experience dates back to 1989 when it began manufacturing the first control systems. Since then its has been involved in thousands of complex custom projects.


STRATEGIES How do we intend to comply

By interpreting our customers needs and wishes, materializing their ideas and applying our expertise and knowledge.

By Training our workforce to continuously improve our performance and processes.

By Developing our organization in order to achieve improved cost-profitable growth.

By specializing our systems to be the best in this field.



To become the leader in our market make use of the best technology available then increase our insertion into local and international markets.



- Confidence, building relationships based on personal consideration and providing professional support and security to all our customers.

- Creativity, to find innovative and practical ways to solve problems

- Perseverance, working through difficult systems and continually providing improved work programs.

- Liability and absolute commitment to the solutions related to integrated security systems.

- Honesty, doing what we say we will do.


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